Companies love working with Freshwater Bay creative!

“There are a lot of people out there in business who exaggerate their capabilities and overvalue their worth. It’s refreshing when you hire someone like Kyle whose capabilities amaze you and the cost is reasonable. I originally connected with Kyle because I admired the work he has done for other local Vancouver breweries. After meeting him and discussing concepts, cost and schedule I knew that he was the right choice. I am very pleased with the work that Kyle has done for Victor 23 and I enjoy working directly with a talented artist rather than a large design firm.”    

Bryan Ward, Owner, Victor-23 Brewing

“Much of Loowit Brewing's branding has been character and art focused. Kyle's illustration and design style is a natural fit for our own. In 2017 Loowit was forced to rebrand a flagship product. Kyle was able to deliver not only all new art and design for the product label that honored the original design elements, he also delivered a full package of supporting collateral material that set a distinctive image and tone for the rebranded product. The creative process is a fluid collaboration and Kyle has been very adept at executing and even expanding our visions for a project.”

Devon Bray, Co-Owner, Loowit Brewing Co.

“At Honeybadger, one of the best ways we've found to get our brand in front of developers is via promotional items such as t-shirts and stickers. Kyle is the lynchpin of this effort. His unique visual style and the characters he's created have allowed us to stand out in a crowded marketplace. At a typical conference of 300 people, it's very common for over 100 people to visit our booth to get one of Kyle's t-shirts. When they go back to work and show it off, their friends will contact us and ask us to mail them a swag bag. If you're looking for artwork that your customers will love, definitely go with Kyle, he's a real professional and does great work.”

Starr Horne, Co-Founder,

“It was dumb luck to have found Freshwater Bay.  We were looking for someone that could do very vivid artwork similar to what you see on a black metal album cover.  But also someone that had the versatility to do comic book style frames and characters.
I knew that I was onto something when I saw the Loowit label for “Truman’s Goddamn”.  The artwork on that label had this comic book feel but also this great composition where you can see what is being said without having to read too much into it.  I mean the guy is standing there flipping off St. Helens.  It was just too good!  I thought it was a brilliant tribute to that figure from Washington State history.
Working with Kyle has been a great experience for me.  Aside from being a fantastic artist, what Kyle does best is listen.  He is patient and has the ability to translate the weirdest and darkest things that come out of my head, and boil them down to a two-dimensional picture that tells a story.  I like to call this “mind melding”.  I guess Kyle is a bit like Mr. Spock, without pointy ears.  
We are so excited to have Kyle as a part of the team at Dystopian State, and hope to continue this relationship as long as he is willing to put up with me.”

Shane McElwrath “The Minister," Dystopian State Brewing Company

“I met Kyle a couple of years ago. He visited my distillery and offered his design services in a direct and professional manner. Upon viewing samples of his art, his talent was obvious. He was proud of his work yet humble. I was impressed. His first project for me was a coaster. I love it and so do my customers. He has done three more coasters and a label for one of my premium Brands of Whiskey since then. He definitely has an opinion but he listens as well. He sticks to the target theme and allows ideas to change and flow at the same time. He is dependable and honest. In short, I like him and trust him.

John Vissotzky, Owner/Spirit Master, Double V Distillery