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Watch this short documentary from Chris Martin Studios about the rebranding of Loowit Brewing Company's flagship IPA Shadow Shinobi featuring Kyle Shold of Freshwater Bay Creative.


Loowit Brewing coming out of Ninja’s Shadow

By Troy Brynelson

Published: April 12, 2017

“The result is a brief, four-page comic book transposing the legal rigmarole into a clash between two rival ninja clans. Shadow Ninja, hero of the nondescript metro city Couve City, clashes with the Eastern Ale Clan after its kingpin reveals it had exclusive rights to the word “ninja.” Vancouver artist Kyle Shold wrote and illustrated the comic.“


North Jetty Brewing – Graveyard of the Pacific (Release)

By BrewDad on December 11, 2018

“The final product releases in 22oz bottles with the killer artwork done by artist Kyle Shold. Kyle captured the feel of the stretch of water from Tillamook Bay, past the treacherous Columbia River Bar to the tip of Vancouver Island that has claimed over 2,000 vessels& more than 700 lives.” 


Kyle Shold and the labels of Heathen Brewing

BLA: What other art do you make?

KS: As a freelancer I do a little bit of everything these days. In addition to the label work I’ve done comic books, posters, lots of T-shirt artwork, coasters, logo art, storyboards, stickers, makeup palette labels, web banner ads, print ads, you name it!

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